Pizza 2000

Pizza 2000, Fort Myers FL

Pizza 2000 opened in October 1994 by Rodney and Patty Doubleday. Rodney from Connecticut, Patty from Florida. After a decade in the North East Brrrr! Rodney came to Florida with Patty and fell in love with both the girl and the state. Twenty-Three years later, we are still going strong. The name of the business was a millennium thing. The food, mandated by Rodney was to be the best. The best quality, the best ingredients best taste while keeping it healthy and key to it all, fresh, fresh, fresh! Rodney has kept his promise both to himself and his customers. The food is still delicious, still fresh as can be, still the highest quality ingredients all prepared in meticulous fashion. Where we have been most fortunate is our terrific clientele. They go out of their way to bring us new people. Knowing Rodney and I are not great techies. They go out of their way to take and post Pics of the Restaurant even the food We are so grateful I think what keeps us going after all these years, with all the competition, is the mutual respect we have with our customers and of course the fact Rodney is still doing it right. We are grateful.